Horizontal pipe pump features

ISW horizontal pipeline pump features 1. Pipeline pump structure is compact. The series of pumps for the horizontal structure, pump one, beautiful appearance, small footprint, compared with the ordinary horizontal pump, covers an area reduction of 30%. Such as the use of IP54 outdoor motor pump room is not required, can be placed outdoors. 2. Pipeline pump running smoothly, low noise, high concentric components. The direct connection between the motor and the pump simplifies the middle structure and increases the running stability. The impeller has excellent static and dynamic balance, no vibration and low noise during operation, prolongs the service life of the bearing and improves the using environment. 3. Shaft seal with high-quality mechanical, dynamic and static ring made of carbide, wear-resistant, no leakage, long service life. 4. Using advanced water conservancy model, with high efficiency, good performance and so on. 5. Pipeline pump unique structure. The lower side of the pump body is provided with a water drain hole, and the inlet and outlet flanges are provided with pressure-taking holes to ensure the normal use and maintenance of the pump. 6.Pipeline pump horizontal pump horizontal import, export vertical upward structure, easy to pipe layout.