Five steps to identify the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sink

Although the sink is an accessory in the decoration, the frequency of use of the sink is the highest in all kitchen supplies. After the meal, 65% of the time is spent dealing with sinks, so its importance to family life is self-evident. At present, there are many kinds of materials for sinks on the market, and different materials have different characteristics and styles. Today, I learned how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sinks. Picking the sinks that suit them is also not a small one.

A look at the stainless steel sink looks carefully at the stainless steel sink. We can see that the high-quality sink has a smooth surface that is soft and visually pleasing, not sticky to grease, easy to clean, and wear-resistant. The inner corners of the high-quality sinks are close to 90 degrees, the visual in the sink is larger, and the volume of the pans is also large.

Second, look at the stainless steel sink accessories can also observe the matching parts of the sink: the quality of the falling head requires wall thickness, smooth processing, no water leakage when the cage is closed, and the ball is durable and comfortable to handle. Falling water pipes require environmentally-friendly disposable materials that are easy to install, deodorant, heat-resistant, and resistant to aging, and are durable.

The water removal device may be something that most consumers ignore, but it is a very critical part of the sink configuration. The impact on the price of the sink is also very large. The price of a good all-stainless water filter is over one hundred yuan. The launcher contains an automatic launching device, but it is not necessarily a good thing to have more functions. It is easy to start. If you have a long time, you may have problems!

Three-stainless steel sinks use thicker plates than stainless steel sinks of good thickness. High-quality sinks use imported 304 stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1 mm, while ordinary low-grade sinks use 0.5 to 0.7 mm. Because the sink has been edge-treated, it is difficult to see the thickness all at once. The simplest method is to press the surface of the sink slightly. If you press it down, it means that the material is very thin. If you can borrow a vernier caliper and a micrometer So much trouble.

The weight of the stainless steel sink at Siyi is a ferroalloy. The specific gravity of the steel is 7.87. Nickel and chromium heavy metals are added to the inside. The proportion of these metals is greater than that of steel, so the weight is relatively heavy (of course, the thickness of the plate is also referred to). If it is counterfeit, poor quality stainless steel, such as steel chrome plated light weight.

Five than the stainless steel sink process welding method and one forming method. We have seen some famous brands of sinks. The same appearance size, but the price is very different. There are material factors here, but also the cost of the process. Of course, it can be said with certainty that the one-piece stainless steel sink is definitely better than the welding method. The integral molding technology solves the problem of leakage caused by welding of the pot body and the weld cannot withstand the corrosion of various chemical liquids (such as detergents, stainless steel cleaners, etc.). The one-piece molding process is a particularly important process and requires a high degree of material for the steel plate. What kind of process is used is an obvious manifestation of sink quality.

At the same time, the water tank can be turned over to look at the bottom of the tank. After the bottom of the high-quality water tank is sprayed or glued to the rubber sheet, it will not fall off. This will reduce the noise caused by the tap water impact on the pelvic floor and provide a cushioning effect.