Incubator selection and use

Scientific selection and selection of a good hatching machine should be considered from the aspects of machine use cost, reliability, hatching rate, service life and after-sales service. The level of hatching rate is the most important indicator to measure the quality of equipment, and it is also the main reason why many hatcheries spare no expense in replacing advanced hatchery equipment. The temperature field inside the machine should be uniform, there is no temperature dead angle, otherwise it will reduce the hatching rate; the accuracy of temperature control, Han Xian intelligence is better than fuzzy computers, blur computer is better than integrated circuits.
The correct use of the machine should be cleaned first, then add grease to the bearings. Check whether there are debris in the machine, whether the moving parts are flexible, whether the insurance is in good condition, whether the external wiring is correct, and whether the power supply voltage used is qualified. If the voltage is unstable, it is better to have a regulator; the incubator room should be well ventilated and the machine should be placed smoothly. Work on a thick layer of brick or concrete slabs; turn on the main inlet switch (regulator) before turning on the power switch. The fan switch is turned on, the large fan is turned, the heating indicator light is on, and the heating tube works. Finally open the egg switch again. The alarm button can check whether the alarm circuit is good; after the power on, you should observe whether the fan rotation is normal, whether the turnover mechanism is working properly, whether the turning angle is appropriate, and whether the control condition is good. After two days of debugging, it is determined that the machine is working normally, and then eggs are laid to hatch. When turning eggs, turn the egg switch off. Use a rocker to shake the egg rack and take the eggs. Then, turn on the switch, turn the egg turning mechanism to set the angle, and return to working condition. Be sure to shake the handle along the direction indicated by the arrow when hand-turning the egg; always check the tightness of the belt; when it is too loose, the air volume is small, ventilation is bad, and the temperature difference inside the machine is large; over-tightening will affect the life of the belt and the motor.

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