Bathroom hardware industry presents three hot spots

Bathroom hardware industry presents three hot spots Bathroom hardware is always inseparable from the real estate, this year by the impact of real estate regulation, plumbing sanitary ware market downturn, review history, plumbing sanitary ware industry brilliant period is also thanks to the real estate industry. 05,07 is the three years of rapid development of real estate, as the downstream industry, plumbing sanitary ware market has also begun rapid development. Even with the impact of the global financial crisis in 2008, the overall momentum of development remains good.

The past of plumbing sanitary ware industry can be summarized in a small print.

First, our industry is relatively small and has a small proportion in the entire furniture and building materials industry.

Second, the scale of the company is not large.

Third, the influence of the industry is very small.

Now that the status of the industry has undergone a qualitative change, it can be summarized in three hot spots. Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmojia Power Network, said that the plumbing and sanitary ware exhibitions and industry conferences have made great achievements and rich programs. Last year, the number of people participating in the annual industry conference in Guangzhou has surged to over a thousand people, and many government-related departments have participated. This heat is specifically expressed in the following aspects:

First, cross-border fever, strong doors and windows, flooring, furniture and kitchen appliances companies have entered the industry. In the past, the brands of plumbing sanitary ware industry mainly came from building materials and flooring industries. There are several major advantages in the cross-border of the household appliance industry. The first is that the brand has a strong reputation and is more mature and more influential than the plumbing and sanitary ware industry. The second is the home appliance industry's high level of marketing, with many very talented people. The third is the appliance industry into the plumbing sanitary ware industry, kitchen appliances plus plumbing sanitary ware is the overall home, a very good concept. However, plumbing sanitary ware stores are actually a better channel for integrating the era of large home appliances. Household electrical appliance companies do plumbing sanitary ware, generally the plumbing sanitary ware as an accessory channel or an accessory product. This is one of the reasons why many home appliance brands are not good at plumbing and sanitary ware.

The second is the investment boom. Rich people in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places began to spread large amounts of hot money into the industry. They generally use two methods to make capital investments. One is to create a new brand directly, and the other is to conduct capital operations on professional plumbing and sanitaryware brands.

Third, the talent hot, plumbing sanitary ware industry professional advantage brands are seeking extraordinary development, craving for talent, capital support. The capital of the ultra-regular development companies and cross-border brands are both strong. The extrusion of these two forces has enabled excellent talents from various industries to enter this industry and has also improved the quality of employees.

Plumbing Sanitary Ware Industry Now that the heat is somewhat mad, or that there is some enthusiasm, but in Luo Baihui's view, the future will gradually become rational. Its development trend has three major characteristics:

1, the degree of specialization will be higher and higher. From the perspective of the industry chain, the supply capacity of a large number of raw material suppliers and hardware suppliers will become stronger, and manufacturers and distributors will become more and more professional.

2. The industry is bigger. Each year will grow at a high rate of about 40%, and the proportion in furniture and building materials will increase.

3. Some brands will come to the fore and their business model will become more mature. Direct operation mode, franchised chain mode, large home mode, low-end chain mode, etc. will give rise to one big company and occupy an important position in the market.

As the business model becomes more and more mature, professional division of labor becomes more and more detailed, and the leading brand scale is increasing, the plumbing sanitary ware industry will usher in a golden opportunity for rapid development.

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