Internal combustion engine mechanical loss

Average mechanical loss pressure pmm: The work lost by one cycle of the engine unit cylinder working volume. Can be used to measure the size of mechanical losses. which is:

First, the composition of mechanical losses:

1. Friction loss of piston and piston ring: the main part of friction loss, about: 45-65%

2. Friction loss of bearing and valve mechanism: including friction loss of all main bearings, connecting rod bearings and camshaft bearings. The larger the bearing diameter, the higher the speed and the greater the loss. 15-30%.

3. Power consumption of the driving subsidiary: refers to the component assembly necessary to ensure the engine work, such as the cooling water pump assembly (cooling fan in the air-cooled engine), oil pump, fuel injection pump, governor, etc.; Accounted for 10-20%.

4. Fluid Friction Loss: A portion of the work will be consumed to overcome oil mist, air resistance, and crankcase ventilation.

5. Drive the loss of the scavenging pump and the supercharger: in the two-stroke or supercharged engine, the loss caused by the compression of the intake air is added. 10-20%

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