Yam authenticity

Yam authenticity:

Genuine: The surface is yellowish white or light yellow with longitudinal grooves, longitudinal wrinkles and fibrous root marks, and occasionally light brown skin remains. The weight, the quality is firm, it is not easy to break, the section is white and powdery, and there are small dots. The air is slight, the taste is light, the acid is sour, and the chew is sticky.


Cassava: often sliced, the outer skin has been removed, the residual skin is brown or tan, the cut surface is white, powdery, and the obvious veins and veins are visible near the skin. There is a small wooden heart in the center, some have cracks, and the hand touches talc. The feeling of powdery. The air is slight and the taste is light.

The ginseng: it is irregularly cylindrical or conical, the residual cork is thicker, yellowish brown or reddish brown, and the wood plaque is fresh yellow (for stone cells), which is easy to peel off. The material is solid, the section is yellowish white, powdery, and there are a few light brown spots. Odorless, sweet, slightly sour, chewy.

Sweet potato: a thick or irregular slab, the remaining skin is thicker reddish or taupe. Cut face white or yellowish white, slightly elastic, visible yellowish brown "ribs" points or lines, a circle of light yellow brown ring visible in the skin. It is crispy, powdery and sweet.

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