Shanghai centralized welding smoke purifier Bodi operation instructions

The successful development of the centralized welding fume purifier has provided a powerful guarantee for the further improvement of the air quality and working environment of the plant, and has greatly increased the level of environmental protection in production. Bodi Environmental Protection is actively seeking the certification of environmental protection agencies and hopes to promote the centralized welding smoke purifier project to more companies.

Centralized welding smoke purifier operating instructions:

1. Open the cover of the computer and install the correct filter, such as initial effect, medium effect, and main effect filter. Close the top cover and fasten the buckle.

2. Put on the smoking arm tube and adjust the direction.

3. Connect the power cord and check if the power plug is stable and firm.

4, plug in the power plug, open the power switch on the chassis, check whether the power switch is red, if the red light shows that it means power, smoke purification system can start working; if no red light check the power cord and power interface is If you can't solve the problem after you perform the above checks, please contact us.

5, the machine has a remote control knob, the knob can adjust the air volume size, the operation is very convenient, the use is very simple.

Centralized welding smoke purifier maintenance:

1, the smoking arm should be cleaned regularly.

2, early effect filter can be replaced as often as needed.

3. When the adsorption force is reduced, check whether the smoking arm needs to be cleaned . If the adsorption force after cleaning is still small, replace the main filter.

4. After replacing the new main filter, indicate the replacement date for later maintenance.

At present, Wuxi Bodi BODHI has 13 years of technical experience, possesses welding fume processor equipment manufacturing, new filter material manufacturing, and new technology research and development, and many other comprehensive capabilities. It can solve different industrial and mining needs and different grades for customers.