Main pests and diseases of the flowers and their control methods

Star pests and main pests and their prevention and treatment methods:


Symptoms: The young leaves of the plant are chlorotic and yellow, and eventually the whole plant is wilted and dead.


(1) Use "insect nets" to block the invasion of external pests.

(2) Thoroughly kill the cultivation site before planting and remove weeds.

(3) 2.5% Kung Fu 2500-3000 times liquid or 20% anti-sweeping 2500 times liquid sprayed throughout the plant.

Gray mold:

Symptoms: Mostly caused by excessive rain or excessive watering in the rainy season. At the beginning of the stem, the leaf edge produces a water-like brown spot, which gradually expands to cause the branches and leaves to rot. When the air humidity is high, gray mold is often found in the diseased part.


(1) Keep the cultivation medium in a semi-dry state, do not over-water, and strengthen ventilation in the cultivation area.

(2) The cultivation medium is thoroughly disinfected.

(3) Before cultivation, the site is disinfected with chlorobacteria and the dosage is 200 g/mu. It needs to be continued after cultivation, once every 10 days.

(4) When the disease occurs, spray 50% of the 1500 times solution of the whole plant or spray the whole plant with 2000 times of the bacterium.

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