How to maintain aluminum alloy electric retractable door

1, the method of use is correct

In use, the action should be as light as possible, do not use too much force; if the electric retractable door is open, if it is found to be obstructed, the power should be disconnected first. Open the small door of the electric door.

2, often clean

Always clean and keep the surface clean. When scrubbing, try to choose soft gauze or cotton thread to avoid scratching the surface of the electric retractable door. When there are stains and dirt, use clean water, alcohol or neutral detergent to clean

3, anti-corrosion

Try to avoid acid and alkaline chemicals from contacting the surface of the aluminum alloy electric retractable door.

4, hardware maintenance

Always check all kinds of hardware accessories of electric retractable door. If it is found that there is damage, repair or replace it in time. The hardware has been used for a long time. You can apply a little fire wax oil or drip some oil to reduce the friction and keep the electric retractable door. Turning on and off is easy and flexible. The sealing tops and glass strips of electric retractable doors are the two key components for sealing and heat preservation. If there is aging and loosening, they should be replaced in time.

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