What should I do if the DVR encounters a power outage?

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The display, main unit, speakers, etc. will be forcibly turned off in an instant. The document data being written will be lost, and if the disk is being read or written, there may be bad sectors. The instantaneous voltage fluctuations during power outages also impact the chips, circuits, resistors, etc. of the DVR hardware. In order to avoid accidents, it is better to choose a brand power supply when installing a hard disk recorder, so as to minimize the adverse effect of voltage fluctuation on the hardware from the power supply. After the power failure, turn off all power to prevent the monitor and ATX power from starting at the same time, which will cause damage to the hardware. When you use WORD to edit a document, use the automatic save function of WORD. If the moment of power failure happens to be on the disk, do not skip disk detection at startup to detect the presence or absence of bad sectors. Once bad sectors are found, use NORTON, PQMAGIC and other tools to repair or block bad sectors. In addition, if the economy permits, choose a UPS to provide power-off protection for the DVR.

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