H2 plasma treatment improves the adhesion of diamond film to WC-Co cemented carbide

Recently, Li Jianuo and others from the China Academy of Engineering Physics used SEM and XRD to study the effects of Murakami solution and H2 plasma treatment on the surface morphology and phase structure of cemented carbide, and the composite diamond film coating on cemented carbide tools. The adhesion between the diamond film/substrate was tested by indentation and actual drilling experiments. The results show that the micro/nano composite diamond film coating has uniform distribution and low surface roughness. The Murakami solution treatment of cemented carbide can produce uniform surface grooves, and the critical load between the diamond film and the substrate is about 1.5kN. The coated drill bit prepared by this method has poor processing performance, and the H2 plasma treatment promotes the WC grain on the surface of the cemented carbide substrate to be coarser and denser, and the critical load exceeds 1.5 kN. Excellent processing performance. The full text was published in the Journal of Metals, 2006, Volume 42, Number 7.  

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