How did the sensation of SKF bearings occur?

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How did the sensation of SKF bearings occur?

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Generally speaking, the rolling bearing in the SKF bearing does not generate noise itself. The generally perceived "bearing noise" is actually the acoustic effect of the SKF bearing directly or indirectly oscillating with the surrounding layout.
This is why many time-division noise problems can be considered as oscillation problems involving the entire bearing. Excitation due to the change in the number of loaded tumblers When a radial load is applied to a bearing; the number of tumblers that carry the load It will be slightly changed during operation; namely: 2-3-2-3. . . . This causes a shift in the direction of the load. The resulting oscillations are unavoidable; they can be relieved by axial preloading; they are applied to all rolling bodies (not suitable for cylindrical roller bearings in SKF bearings).
The waviness of the component is in close cooperation between the bearing ring and the bearing seat or the drive shaft; the bearing ring can be deformed in cooperation with the shape of the adjacent component. If it is deformed, it can oscillate during operation; thus; It is important to machine the bearing housing and drive shaft to the required public service.
Partial damage due to handling or device failure; a small number of bearing raceways and roll bodies can be damaged. During operation; a specific oscillation frequency occurs when rolling over damaged bearing components. Oscillating frequency analysis can identify damaged bearings The oscillating action in the use case is used in many applications; the stiffness of the bearing is the same as the stiffness of the surrounding layout. Because of this feature; only the correct selection of the bearing (including preload and clearance) and its equipment in use; Have the ability to reduce the oscillations in use.
There are three ways to reduce the oscillation of SKF bearings:
1. Remove the critical encouragement oscillation from use.
2. The suppression encourages oscillation between the excitation component and the resonance component.
3. Change the stiffness of the layout; then change the critical frequency.

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