Development of Printed Circuit Board Ink Competition

Business News Agency June 7 News National brands, imported brands, together with dealers, agents, and sales points, formed an unprecedented sales network. With the emergence of oversupply, the PCB market began to behave as other industries. The price war of the cannibalism, the end of 2003, competing to kill 60 to 70 yuan / kg of ink. The downward trend in prices during the years of sales wars.

The use of sales wars to describe the competition in the PCB ink market is not excessive. The prelude to the war has already begun in 2000, and has continued to this day. Optical imaging resisting plating resisting inks and photo-imaging solder masking inks. Since a large number of national brands flooded into the market in 1998, the import brands have increased dramatically. After incomplete statistics, by the end of 2004, they participated in the war of light imaging resisting plating and electroplating ink brands. It has been increased to 54 and the brand of optical imaging solder mask ink has been increased to 50.

Now, despite the ink price war is still continuing, but in recent years, with the rising price of ink raw materials, the price war has come to an end. Ink companies are working hard to change the situation of price wars and work hard on service quality and variety, especially technical services.

PCB ink industry is a high-tech threshold industry, it involves coating and ink manufacturing technology, ultrafine powder application technology, UV curing technology, lithography and so on. Some products must have a high temperature resistance of 280°C or more; 25 μm line processing accuracy; resistance to electroless nickel plating and tin plating; electrical insulation above 1011 ohms; high breakdown voltage above 20 kV; Highly sensitive to UV light.

At the beginning of the development of the industry, the basic chemical raw materials are relatively backward, and most of the raw materials have to rely on imports, and do not have the conditions for research and development. In recent years, the national brand of PCB ink in China has been raining. According to data from the China Printed Circuit Board Industry Association, 2006 , PCB ink domestic brands about 50 or so.

In the past year or two, PCB inks have become increasingly active on the HC trading platform. From the HC trading market, we can see that in the first two months of today, the supply and demand of PCB inks are in the same direction as forecasted. Due to the Spring Festival, February and January are significantly lower, probably every year. The past has become a reality, and it is important to analyze supply and demand after February.

On March 18, 2008, the 17th China International Electronic Circuit Exhibition will be held in Shanghai. It will mainly exhibit printed circuit board manufacturing, printed circuit board equipment, printed circuit board materials and chemicals, and will continue to expand. In PCB exhibition area, there will be more PCB manufacturers participating, PCB ink manufacturers will also face more opportunities.

The use of ink safety and environmental protection PCB ink requires low toxicity, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly.

The level of viscosity has a great relationship with silk screen printing. Therefore, in the PCB ink technical documentation and QC report, the viscosity is clearly marked, indicating under what conditions, what type of viscosity testing equipment and so on. In the actual printing process, if the viscosity of the ink is too high, it will cause difficulty in printing, serious jagged edges in the pattern, in order to improve the printing effect, it will add thinner to make the viscosity meet the requirements. However, it is not difficult to find that in many cases, in order to obtain the ideal resolution (resolution), no matter what viscosity you use, it will never be achieved. why? After in-depth study, it was discovered that ink viscosity is an important factor, but not the only one. There is another quite important factor - thixotropy. It is, it also affects the printing accuracy.

The environmental protection of PCB inks and future ink manufacturers should first use low-toxic solvents to manufacture inks in order to reduce environmental pollution and harm to operators, such as alkanes, alcohols or turpentine, cellosolve, etc.

According to international practice, a warning should be marked on the label of the package, indicating the name of the solvent and the safety precautions that the ink should take during operation, and emergency handling methods.

4. Efforts to Develop Non-toxic Solvents The constant development of our economy and the improvement of our living standards all require a fresh environment. The development of non-toxic solvents is imminent. Our ink manufacturers and experts are all working in different forms and tackle problems in various ways. Poisonous solvents. Some non-toxic solvents developed by experts have already entered the trial phase and are believed to be quickly promoted in the ink industry in the future.

5. The PCB ink war harvest 1 has brought our country's and international ink markets close together. At the CPCA exhibition in 2004, we saw many ink buyers in many countries extending their hand to China, indicating that our country's PCB inks also occupy a certain share in the international market;

2 PCB manufacturers have obtained more substantial benefits, increased the chances of selecting varieties, reduced production costs, and broadened the technical vision;

3 Ink manufacturers have further established the concept of market economy, trained sales personnel for them free of charge, and prepared for their products to enter the international market;

4 Enhance China's PCB ink manufacturing technology, promote the improvement of related technologies and the development of related products, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the PCB industry towards higher goals.

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